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Царство Сов [Realm of Owls]


#1053478Rhieks Переводчик  =384071
#1052095Rhieks Переводчик  =636196
потому что, во-первых, большинство этих названий не звучит, а во-вторых, этот самый realm здесь имеет значение скорее страны/территории, чем мира/измерения. потому что мир у них далеко не только совиный.
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#1051942nelox =657271
честно говоря, ваша любовь к деталям, Rhieks, особенно в свете последнего переправления всех гендерных состыковок, внушает неподдельное уважение)

Не уверен, что оно того стоит, но можно докопаться до святая святых - до названия комикса? Почему "царство", если realm - это мир, измерение, реальность?
Или это уже где-то обсуждалось?
#1051935Anonymous =658121
*исполняет сюжетно-поворотный танец*
В разделе "О комиксе": "Также я сделал дизайн этого магического формата публикации"
#1051872Rhieks Переводчик  =666913
Стражи демонстрируют чудеса эффективности. Они не просто ищут. Они находят!
#1051599Rhieks Переводчик  =736616
Thank you too guys. As for male/female Vayandil, I was pretty sure I have noticed earlier mentioning the fictional owl artist as "him", so yes, I have been translating the owl as male til now, knowing though that the human Vayandil prototype is female.

I have gone through all the original pages once more, and surprisingly found none of that. Gee, what a mess. Sorry. Now that it is confirmed they are really both female, I have quite a load of things to fix. Starting with the name translation, OMG!

Sorry for my delay with late pages, going to fix that soon.
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#1049853Gheralf =1068784
(OvO)/ nice

Thanks for the explanation. We have a few Russian friends, but haven't had the opportunity to study the language.

Yes! Vayandil and I have many a times thought that it's so wonderful to have Rhieks bringing our comic here! And we have seen the many discussions about what terms to use in the translation. But much like many other things that we feel very blessed about, I don't think we have actually articulated those feelings into words (ÓvÒ)

So thank you for doing this, Rhieks! \(OvO)/
#1048739Ronin =1282110
Thank you for the clarification. :-) You see, Russian language differs from English quite a bit, e.g. verbs and adjectives(edit: come to think of it, some of the other parts of speech as well) may have different endings depending on the gender (grammatical) of the noun they refer to (and almost every noun falls to one of the three grammatical genders; curiously, "сова" - owl - is Feminine while "сыч" and "филин" - little owl and eagle-owl (subtypes of owls) - are Masculine). Naturally, it's the same with persons and their speech so that is why this topic came up in the translation discussion.
Thank you very much for the comic. (^_^)

Edit-2(ADDit): Rhieks is doing an excellent job as a translator, both in professional sense and in the way of communicating with readers e.g. deciding how to best convey the very impression of the original. :-)
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#1048706Gheralf =1302333
(OvO)/ clarification!

Vayandil the owl-artist-fictional-person and Vayandil the human-artist-actual-person are both, indeed, female.
#1048704Gheralf =1302694
(OvO)/ hi

Thank you! We'll continue doing our best in bringing you the wackiest citadels you've ever seen!


And sometimes sentences that don't make any sense (OvO)/