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Картинка комикс Сказания о дроу
сказки про дроу.
Рейтинг: PG-13   Оригинал   Лицензия: CC BY-NC
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Картинка комикс Guilded Age (Гильдейская Эра)
Сага о рабочем классе приключенцев.
Рейтинг: PG-13   Оригинал
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#703344eredna =1367
Какие красивые волосы, мммм))
#702323eredna =192102
Безопасного заражения изначально не было. Его создали. а не наоброт.
#701889eredna =277559
Эм, нет наоборот. Читаем статью, а не придумываем сами, что нам нравится.)
Ну и про Снадию. -

"Snadhya was studying under the then-headmistress of the Ortorbbae, Sha'sana. Together they were researching demons and other aspects of working with nether, looking for ways to protect the drow race from the apocalyptic demon threat that had almost wiped out all fae races years prior. They developed the procedures that became modern tainting techniques by seeding a fae's aura with weak demons. At some point during her research she reached out to the Vloz'ress, who at the time were simply a small group of families that focused on studying nether. Their expertise would have been invaluable to Snadhya'rune's own studies, but their leader, Ven'ndia, refused to help when she heard Snadhya's proposals. Snadhya'rune retaliated by sending an imperial force to wipe the nether cult off the map, but the Vloz were saved by the uncanny powers of the young Kharla'ggen. "