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I'm not what people think I am, and I'm not going to be what people want me to be.

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Фиби и её единорог, The GaMERCaT, Время мазни [Sarah's Scribbles]


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#593792 TheHereticLocomotive =407621
Volf88c Chapter 5 is currently hidden untill I completechapter 4, and since I don't have an option I'm using these pages as placeholders

Also, I don't think my comic is suitable for joyreactor.cc. From what I saw on the site it appears to be for comedy or gag a day type of comics.
#589304 TheHereticLocomotive =1015673
Changes start from page 191. The only scene that will not change is the one where Katya sticks her fingers in Strela's transmission system. Pages from chapter 5 will remain the same.
#588650 TheHereticLocomotive =1102628
After I complete Chapter 4, so I don't know when. I hope by 15 February, but that's a 0,001% chance :(