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МИСТ, Книга Атруса

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МИСТ, Книга Атруса
комикс по книге "Мист, Книга Атруса"
Автор оригинала: Heather Larkin
Официальный сайт: http://mystcomic.smackjeeves.com
Переводчики: Dagnarus, Mystery (Редактор)
Parental guidance suggested (Не рекомендуется лицам до 10 лет)
Dagnarus Выпуск №141  =131013476

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Atrus looked down at the clothes.
He'd never had such things as those.
He reached out with a wary hand.
The boots were soft, like desert sand.

And then he saw a bag beside.
He wondered what could be inside.
He opened it, and to his delight,
Some fire marbles met his sight.

He smiled as he saw them there.
Their simple beauty made him stare.
He turned to thank his father then,
But fast asleep was that man Gehn.
(c) Andrew