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7 сыновей: Джайкарн

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7 сыновей: Джайкарн
Один бог любил воевать и жениться. От войн у него появились земли, от жен - дети, а от детей - мигрени. У нас тут поедание человечков и не только гет, высокоморальных просим-с на выход.
Сайт: https://vk.com/jaikarn
Автор: Phobs
Parents strongly cautioned (Не рекомендуется лицам до 13 лет)
Phobs Выпуск №1  =95543754
Kirito-Hara =95200587 #1062557
Ура! Спасибо!
Snegovski =92788659 #1076083
господи.....я не верю что я могу почитать ваш комикс АААА *_________________* 115 страниц омагад омагад ОАОАОА СПАСИБО......
Hecil =92070216 #1079549
О_О ничоси! Фобс на Акомиксе! Привет
Anonymous =91397575 #1082928
Господи! Я нашла его!!! Ура!!!!!!
Elorina =83566403 #1129791
Встретила 7 сыновей на Ак!! *пошла умирать счастливой*
Anonymous =75448302 #1171138
is there an English version of this?
Anonymous =70156129 #1199296
I just read all of this so far (well, looked at it), and I love it so much! I really hope I'll get to read it in english someday, but I would like to say what I think is going on, because that could be fun for the author to see. I speak no russian, so I'm going only on the imagery.
What I'm seeing is, these two peoples were at war, and this lady and her son were taken prisoner, but then she died and her son was raised as one of his captors' people. But now the jerk king wants him to reconnect with his own people for some reason, probably including racism, forcing him to learn dark truths about his own people, and in a way separating him from them more. I think the story will be about him trying to choose his identity between the two peoples.
Also, in his homeland there's a couple of demon brothers, one of whom is evil and the other on whom maybe isn't??? who are taking over and it's a problem.
So, yeah, I could be wrong, but that's kinda what it looks like.