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Туканы в мире "Матрицы", "Начала" и кто знает, чего еще...
Сайт: http://vk.com/toucan_comics
Автор: Savil
Parental guidance suggested (Не рекомендуется лицам до 10 лет)
Savil Выпуск №1177  =1453525

Rav-Baam =1452589 #1435188
Ha-ha-ha, I was right!
Anonymous =1450907 #1435205
А вот это уже не типично!
Italian-V =1449375 #1435216
Джерри пытается извиниться? Хм...
Dan-Homer =1448957 #1435220
Ну, как я и говори, КЛУри.
Anonymous =1447807 #1435226
хотя после предыдущей арки всё еще остаётся подозрение, что и этот джерри - копия
Rav-Baam =1442925 #1435245
And Olaf has figured it out long ago, judging from his look.
Rav-Baam =1333034 #1435629
And now I'm stumped: why Jerry expected them to be dusty?
Anonymous =1329542 #1435647
Rav-Baam #1435629: just a Russian folk saying, means "look who's here" (more or less the same sarcastic overtones). literal meaning is something like "oh, [someone] arrived so fast that dust didn't fall on them"
Rav-Baam =1328875 #1435650
Huh, I haven't learned so much in such a short time since university days.
Anonymous =1206212 #1435974
" I haven't learned so much in such a short time since university days."
Judjing by my life in Russia it is the most useful and safe way to learn such much in a short time — to read our comic books based on yours movies.
Anonymous =1205627 #1435978
That expression doesn't mean "came so fast it didn't have time to dust." It is a reference to the times when messengers carried messages on foot or on horseback. If the messenger returned with a bad luck, having spent several days on the road (actually, having spent them in a pub), the boss would grumble, looking at his clean clothes, "he didn't come in dusty". That meant the messenger would get a beating, and he wouldn't do it again.

And the proverb most often says that the man was expected much earlier, and everyone was tired of waiting for him.
Rav-Baam =1187540 #1436021
Wow. Ok, this actually makes more sense.