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hey guys :^)
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Makos wins? xD
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separate race? not really. most black people (both black elves and regular humans and one other race) live in the south east of my world, but the capital - Wheeldust is very multicultural. Racism is more of a thing between elves/humans etc.. xD they don't care about color. Yes we will learn about the capital eventually, but first few arcs not so much. The capital is basically an established neutral market zone, where merchants from all over the world buy and sell their goods.
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I never played elder scrolls, my computer couldn't handle it. I have googled one character that was mentioned here before and he really looks like Lord Rinston, but that is just an accident. xD
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lol SVlad
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yeah elves grow the same speed as normal humans, she is indeed 19.Elves do stay looking young a lot longer though! You will see later in the story ^^
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LOL... that would be stupid <___< right......
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yes humans and elves share common ancestor in my comic :D it does play a role in the story later so I don't want to tell too much.^^

@rohana glad to be here! too bad I can't speak russian :-/

@darder thank you! the comic has a long way to go and im sure it's not for everyone, but hopefully you'll like it xD also thank Stacey for the excellent translation!
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really? maybe the other creators are too busy cause their comics are too popular :D. I try to google translate all the comments, some of them made me laugh out loud :D she is quite courteous yes, but also a bit simple minded :D