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Царство Сов [Realm of Owls]

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Gheralf =10272770 #1075090
(OvO)/ hieh!

You peeps are very close! As shown in comic #58, the (assumed) thick-as-heck book of Das Law was dropped into a drinking establishment, then reiterated into a tiny notebook. However, there were no printing services back then, so that notebooky Das Law is the only copy that exists.

It is said that Willai (original owner of the drinking establishment) thought those new fancy book thingies might be the way to differentiate his drinking establishment from the rest, so he spent quite some effort gathering them.

It's a mystery how the guards got/paid/begged/smuggled Das Law out of the place. Maybe it was a small price to pay to make the guards shut up and get out..? ¯\_(OvO)_/¯
Gheralf =14784858 #1049853
(OvO)/ nice

Thanks for the explanation. We have a few Russian friends, but haven't had the opportunity to study the language.

Yes! Vayandil and I have many a times thought that it's so wonderful to have Rhieks bringing our comic here! And we have seen the many discussions about what terms to use in the translation. But much like many other things that we feel very blessed about, I don't think we have actually articulated those feelings into words (ÓvÒ)

So thank you for doing this, Rhieks! \(OvO)/
Gheralf =15018407 #1048706
(OvO)/ clarification!

Vayandil the owl-artist-fictional-person and Vayandil the human-artist-actual-person are both, indeed, female.