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Царство Сов [Realm of Owls]

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Gheralf =16884678 #1163103

Oh, we're here every now and then, silently deciphering what the peck everybody is talking about...


Yes, the Google translations are sometimes a bit eerie, but we know you are good folks so we try not to worry! (O◊O)/
Gheralf =17071046 #1162273

Worry not! The other eye is just hidden under all the fluff!
Gheralf =32788043 #1075090
(OvO)/ hieh!

You peeps are very close! As shown in comic #58, the (assumed) thick-as-heck book of Das Law was dropped into a drinking establishment, then reiterated into a tiny notebook. However, there were no printing services back then, so that notebooky Das Law is the only copy that exists.

It is said that Willai (original owner of the drinking establishment) thought those new fancy book thingies might be the way to differentiate his drinking establishment from the rest, so he spent quite some effort gathering them.

It's a mystery how the guards got/paid/begged/smuggled Das Law out of the place. Maybe it was a small price to pay to make the guards shut up and get out..? ¯\_(OvO)_/¯