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МИСТ, Книга Атруса

МИСТ, Книга Атруса
комикс по книге "Мист, Книга Атруса"
Автор оригинала: Heather Larkin
Официальный сайт: http://mystcomic.smackjeeves.com
Переводчики: Dagnarus, Mystery (Редактор)
Parental guidance suggested (Не рекомендуется лицам до 10 лет)
Dagnarus Выпуск №143  =31155928
#23428 Kastuk =19912238
#36173 Kastuk =16452191
As he ate the roll of bread,
Atrus looked down at the bed.
He picked up the new D'ni shirt,
Not knowing that Rij was alert.

He heard a sound like inhaled air,
And saw that Rij was sitting there.
Atrus reached into his bag,
And tossed a roll for Rij to snag.

He grinned and scratched Rij on the head,
And then glanced at his father's bed.
Gehn was sleeping upon his back,
His breath was easy, his jaw was slack.

Atrus thought, "Who is this man?
Why did he come? What is his plan?"
With Rij watching with a worried face,
Atrus walked over at a measured pace.
(c) Andrew
#36418 Dagnarus Переводчик  =16379319
Угу:) Все с нетерпением ждут продолжения:)
Скоро я тоже не выдержу напряжения и начну стихи писать :D